Accepted presentations

The following time is planned for the presentations:

  • Invited presentations: 55 min  with 5 min for questions
  • Contributed presentations: 25 min  with 5 min for questions
  • Computation presentations: 20 min  with 5 min for questions

A computer (MacOS) connected to the video-projector is available in the Théâtre and Salle des Actes for uploading the file presentations (pdf).
We recommend to upload your files before the beginning of the session.

Supports for A0 posters will be available in the Belvédère room for their presentations. The room will be open from 12h, on Thursday 15 June, to fix the posters on their supports.

Download here the book of abstracts

Contributed presentations

Fabio Tanturri and Frank-Olaf Schreyer. Matrix factorizations and curves in P4
Scott McCallum, Adam Parusinski and Laurentiu Paunescu. Validity proof of Lazard’s method for CAD construction
Alexandru Dimca and Gabriel Sticlaru. Computing the monodromy and pole order filtration on Milnor fiber cohomology of plane curves
Yairon Cid Ruiz. Bounding the degrees of a minimal μ-basis for a rational surface parametrization.
Thorsten Jörgens, Thorsten Theobald and Timo de Wolff. Imaginary projections of polynomials
Carlos D’Andrea, Teresa Krick, Agnes Szanto and Marcelo Valdettaro. Closed Formula For Univariate Subresultants In Multiple Roots
Akihiro Higashitani, Mario Kummer and Mateusz Michalek. Interlacing Ehrhart Polynomials Arising from Graphs
Adrien Sauvaget. Hurwitz numbers and intersection in spaces of differentials
César Martínez and Martín Sombra. An arithmetic Bernstein-Kusnirenko inequality
Matteo Gallet and Josef Schicho. Counting projections of rational curves
Michal Lason. On the toric ideals of matroids of fixed rank
Xavier Allamigeon, Stephane Gaubert and Mateusz Skomra. The tropical analogue of the Helton-Nie conjecture is true
Sergey Fomin, Dima Grigoriev, Dorian Nogneng and Eric Schost. On semiring complexity of Schur polynomials
Mateusz Michałek and Emanuele Ventura. Finite phylogenetic complexity and combinatorics of tables
Luke Oeding. Border Ranks of Monomials
Niels Lubbes. Surfaces containing two circles through a general point in higher dimensions
Simon Hampe, Michael Joswig and Benjamin Schröter. Algorithms for Tight Spans and Tropical Linear Spaces
Jorge Caravantes, J. Rafael Sendra, David Sevilla and Carlos Villarino. On the existence of birational surjective parametrizations of affine surfaces
Cordian Riener and Markus Schweighofer. Optimization approaches to quadrature
Simone Naldi and Daniel Plaumann. Symbolic computation in hyperbolic programming
Sandra Di Rocco, David Schmitz, Thomas Bauer, Tomasz Szemberg and Justyna Szpond. On the postulation of lines and a fat line
J. Maurice Rojas and Korben Rusek. A-Discriminants for Complex Exponents and Counting Real Isotopy Types
Carlos Améndola and Jose Israel Rodriguez. Solving Parameterized Polynomial Systems with Decomposable Projections
Hamza Fawzi and Mohab Safey El Din. On the number of vertices of generic spectrahedra
Anton Leykin and Josephine Yu. Beyond Polyhedral Homotopies
Timo de Wolff, Sadik Iliman and Mareike Dressler. A Positivstellensatz for Sums of Nonnegative Circuit Polynomials
Michela Ceria. Bar Code for monomial ideals
Marina Bertolini, Roberto Notari and Cristina Turrini. Bordiga surface as critical locus for 3–view reconstruction in P4
Alicia Dickenstein, Frédéric Bihan and Magalí Giaroli. Regions of multistationarity in chemical reaction networks
Elena Angelini. Waring decompositions and identifiability via Bertini and Macaulay2 softwares
Teresa Cortadellas Benitez, Carlos D’Andrea and Florian Enescu. On the resolution of fan algebras of principal ideals over a Noetherian ring
Martin Ulirsch. Tropical geometry of toric stacks
N. Thieu Vo, Georg Grasegger and Winkler Franz. Optimal Curve Parametrization and an Application to Algebraic ODEs.


Computation presentations

Ethan Petersen, Nora Youngs, Ryan Kruse, Dane Miyata, Rebecca Garcia and Luis David Garcia Puente. Neural Ideals in SageMath
Yue Ren and Tommy Hofmann. Computing tropical points and tropical links using intersections with affine hyperplanes
Sebastian Posur. Computing Resolutions of Equivariant Modules
Laurent Busé, André Galligo.  Extraction of tori from minimal point sets
Alessandro Amadori, Michela Ceria, Federico Pintore and Massimiliano Sala. On the discrete logarithm problem for prime-field elliptic curves


Poster presentations

Alberto Alzati, Cristina Turrini, Giuseppe Rotondo, Gianfranco Venturino and Iuri Frosio. A new model of avalanche transceiver
Maria-Angeles Zurro, Macarena Ansola and Antonio Diaz-Cano. Semialgebraic Decomposition of real binary forms
Aline Andrade, Simone Marchesi and Rosa Maria Miró-Roig. Orthogonal instanton bundles on P^3
Charles Almeida, Marcos Jardim, Alexander Tikhomirov and Sergey Tikhomirov. Families of Stable Locally Free Sheaves on Projective Spaces
Indranath Sengupta, Joydip Saha and Gaurab Tripathi. Primary decomposition of certain determinantal ideals
Isabel Bermejo, Eva Garcia-Llorente, Ignacio Garcia Marco and Marcel Morales. Noether resolutions in dimension 2
Ioannis Emiris, Clément Laroche, Christos Konaxis. An implicitization algorithm based on Chow Forms for codimension larger than one

Download here the book of abstracts

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