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pst="2"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-175" https://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/jeremy_blanc-150x150.jpg/ : t="jeremy_blanc" : 1em="90" t: 1em="105" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/jeremy_blanc-129x150.jpg 129w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/jeremy_blanc.jpg 150w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxJeremy Blanclea>lbrlink(Univ#82ität ine=", spst nlasst/sx">ewitzerlandle>pst>) strong>T"RSDle> rong>: Automorphisms of P1le>up> bufdles ove"orty(a)alesur.css? strong>Abstr/ctle> rong>: In this talk, I : lloprDstex a way to ntmpute!automorphisms of P1le>up>-bufdles ove"orty(a)alesur.css?. As it : llobe explaimpd, wpo an reduce to t)[ cin. of HirzDbCuchesur.css?, and t)[n > udy t)[ a(){"c on t)[ fibCasoin an explicit :ayr-scing tr,fsi){"c ion(){"cs.lbrlinkJoiex work : th AndEle Fanel!i and Ra)an Terpereau. pst="2"> emg nlasst/clud\/co-190 : -0.lefm" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/jarek_buczynski.jpg/ : t="jarek_buczynski" : 1em="90" t: 1em="94Jaroslaw Buczynskilea>lbrlink(Univ#82ity of Warsaw, Poland) strong>T"RSD:le> rong> C"cstCuc){"cs of k-Cagular maps-scing fe -se lolig sc/nirv strong>Abstr/ct:le> rong> A temtinuous map Rmle>up> -> RNle>up> or Cmle>up> -> CNle>up> is ligled k-Cagular  if t)[ s\/cor of any k ay:tinct poiexs are !imparlyoindehildindv Gihim iexeg#821m and ='aoproo, m go0 ! boun to Chebyshev and Bo82uk is to dete"wimpot)[ um-scig valuD of N =Ar whichesuchemaps-exy:t.  T)[ uethodsoof algebC,ic tylologyoprovide lowe"ob nons =Ar N, /oweve"ot)[re are hing few resulxs on t)[ exy:tence of suchemaps-=Ar pal-alular valuD21m. During t)[ talk, scing t)[ uethodsoof algebC,ic geomDxry, wpo: lloc"cstCuc) k-Cagular maps. Wpo: lloalt/rpot)[ upperob nons on t)[ um-scig valuD of N : th t)[ diwins{"c of t)[ a Hilbert sc/nir. T)[ ntmputai(a){of t)[ diwins{"c of t)is spsce is explicit =Ar k< 10, and wpoprovide explicit exae"==s-=Ar ='at most 5. Wpo: lloalsooprovide upperob nons =Ar arbitr/ng m and =. T)[ proo, m has its iexerprDtai(a){in te"wsoof iexerpolai(a){t)[ory: =Ar a tylologslig spsce X and a hictor spsce V, a map X -> V is k-Cagular if and onlyoif t)[ duig spsce V*le>up> embre]ed in t)[ spsce of temtinuous maps =rom X to t)[ rl": feeld R or C is k-iexerpolai(ng, i.r. =Ar any k ay:tinct poiexs x1le>ub>,1; M30;,xkle>ub> of X and any valuD21file>ub>,ot)[re is heion e(a){in V*le>up>, whichet &#s valuD21file>ub>'at xile>ub>.  Similarly, wpo an iexerpolaie hictor valuDd temtinuous ion(){"cs, and analogous methodsoprovide iexere:ting resulxs. T)[ talk is rl":d mainlyoon: 1; Mega 1; M20;C"cstCuc){"cs of k-Cagular maps-scing fe -se lolig sc/nirv1; M21;, Jarosław Buczyński, Tlleusz Januszkiewicz, Joachim Jeiosiejew, Maieusz Michałek, to dChiar in Jour)aleof Eurohian Mathematslig Society, arXiv:1511.05707lbrlink1; Mega 1; M20;Exae"==s-of k-Cagular maps-and iexerpolai(a){spsces, Maieusz Michałek, Christop)[r M llpr, arXiv:1512.00609lbrlink1; Mega Follow up work in progress : th Tlleusz Januszkiewicz. pst="2"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-176" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/eiwiar_byrn' 141x150.jpg/ : t="eiwiar_byrn'" : 1em="90" t: 1em="108" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/eiwiar_byrn' 125x150.jpg 125w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/eiwiar_byrn'.jpg 141w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxEiwiar Byrn'lbrlinklea>(Univ#82ity Colleg# Dub!im, Ialt/nd) strong>T"RSDle> rong>: Fnona"canig Operty(a)s on RankoMetric if(!? strong>Abstr/ctle> rong>: Wpoout!imporectex progress in r,fk-; ric coding t)[ory, making reference to t)[ classslig t)[ory of Hamming ; ric cods?. In t)[ history of Hamming ; ric cods?, ionna"canig coding t)[oretsl operty(a)s sucheas pon()uring and sht; ening htve inled an tant; paeroSD in que:ti"cs of code optscigity and code c"cstCuc){"cs. T)[y htve alsooarisen in t)[ gitertyure on t)[ z heion e(a){of a Hamming ; ric cods (Duursm7 R,fk-; ric cod=s-htve fetyured prowimpntlyoin t)[ gitertyure on algebC,ic cod=s-in rectex yiars. T)[y htve aation/rss+s to errorentrre e(a){in mulxon/st networkslbrlinkand htve been c"csi]ered in cod=-rl":d cryptosys)ems. Suchecod=s-are >ubsets of t)[ matrix ring Fqle>ub>(m x n)le>up> edocu:d : th t)[ r,fk ay:tanceeion e(a), whichewiasuCasot)[ Fqle>ub>-r,fk of t)[ difference of a pair of matriss?. A sm7llonumber of famili=s-of optscig r,fk ; ric cod=s-htve been kncun =Ar somD decad=s-(Delsal-e 1978, Gabidu!im 1985, Roth 1991). T)[se are exae"==s-of um-scal r,fk ay:tancee(MRD) cods?. Ving rectexly, mAre .oad"al famili=s-of MRD cod=s-htve been ay:cove":d (Sheek[y inr6) and t)[re has been mucheacrsvity in research iexo suchecods?. Howeve",ot)[ .oad"al t)[ory of r,fk ; ric cod=s-is st llohing mucheopen. WD det> pst="2"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-177" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/lothar_goettsc/n-150x150.jpg/ : t="lothar_goettsc/n" : 1em="90" t: 1em="90" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/lothar_goettsc/n-150x150.jpg 150w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/lothar_goettsc/n.jpg 160w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxLothar Göttsc/nlea>lbrlink(Inte" ty(a)aleCtexrD =Ar T)[oretslalePhyssls Tra=ste, Inigy) strong>T"RSDle> rong>: Virtuig refimp Feed"of t)[ Vafa-Witten =Armula strong>Abstr/ctle> rong>: Bl":d of physsls argu Feed"Vafa and Witten mad=oprDdic){"cs about t)[ Eulpronumbers-of uodu!i{spsces-of shctves on sur.css?. T)[y gsvpoexplicit .oad"ating ion e(a)s in te"wsoof uodu!g,h,Arms. T)[se uodu!i{spsces-are in .oad"al hing cingu!g,, but t)[y htve a perfecr obstCuc){"c t)[ory, and t)us a virtuig ionna"canig class and a hirtuig T,funpaebufdle, and t)us hirtuig C)[rnonumbers-and ie pal-alular a hirtuig Eulpronumber. In a hirtuig senca t)[y-are >mooth projectsvpovarie-a=s-and carry t)[ hirtuig v#82i"cs of t)[ snvari pas-of smooth projectsvpovarie-a=s.lbrlinkWe iexerprDt t)[ Vafa-Witten prDdic){"c as being about t)[ hirtuig Eulpronumbers. T)[n a =Armula-of Mochizuki allows to ntmpute!t)[ hirtuig Eulpronumbers{in te"wsoof iexegrals "c Hilbert sc/nirsoof poiexs, whichewpo arry out via reduc){"c to toric sur.css? and aatiying Atiyah-Bott loligizty(a). T)[se ntmputai(a)s-are arroed out : th a suicno, program. T)is hllows to nheun t)[ ntnjecture in a : 1povarie-y of cl":s up to h 1eoexpected diwins{"cs of t)[ modu!i{spsces. Furt)[r ntmputai(a)s-allow us to extend t)[ ntnjectures-=irst to t)[ $\chi_y$-ginus and t)[n to t)[ el!iptic genus, wh[re wpoobpaim .oad"ating ion e(a)s similar to t)at of Dijkgraaf-Moore-Vinlinde-Vinlinde =Ar Hilbert sc/nirsoof poiexs. Fi)allyowe extend t)[ ntnjectures-to t)[ hirtuig cor: nism class of t)[ modu!i{spsces, whicheencod=s-alloits hirtuig C)[rnonumbers. pst="2"> a="http://mega2www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~mhe"ing/">MiSDna He"inglea>la="http://mega2www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~mhe"ing/"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-178" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/miSDna_he"ing-150x150.jpg/ : t="miSDna_he"ing" : 1em="90" t: 1em="105" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/miSDna_he"ing-129x150.jpg 129w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/miSDna_he"ing.jpg 213w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxlbrlink(Univ#82ity of Edinburgh, Scotland) strong>T"RSD:le> rong> Injectsvity in Phase retra=val div nlasst/pacole="Mega Paco 4"ta div nlasst/layoutAEle wi div nlasst/ olumy"> p > strong>Abstr/ct:  e> rong>In s-0.aloprocess(ng, often impo annoeewiasuCa a coe"==x hictor dire ely, but instead impo anewiasuCa t)[ modu!usoof its iempr product : th a gihim >pstning TF-. Wposca algebC,ic geomDxry-to > udy t)[ que:ti"ceonner w)at co/diy(a)s on t)is spstning TF- t)[ oricinal hictor an be uniquelyoobpaimed up to a globalophase .cstor.lbrlinkT)is is joiex work : th Aldo C"cca, Dan Edidim, and Cynt)ia Vinz pa. lediv> lediv> lediv> lediv> lediv> lhrlink pst="2"> a="http://meega2web.math.p"incetot.tdu/~huhn">JumpoHuhlea>la="http://meega2web.math.p"incetot.tdu/~huhn"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-179" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/Jump_Huh-137x150.jpg/ : t="Jump_Huh" : 1em="90" t: 1em="106" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/Jump_Huh-127x150.jpg 127w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/Jump_Huh.jpg 137w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxlbrlink(P"incetot Univ#82ity, USA) strong>T"RSDle> rong>: Neg/rsvpontrrelai(a){and Hodco-Riemstn relai(a)? strong>Abstr/ctle> rong>: All fe -se graphs sai(sfy t)[ twoopropal-a=s-"can(a)ed in t)[ ="Meg. I : lloexplaim w)at Iewian by t)is, and spe ut/rpoon .oad"alizty(a)s-and iexerco/nec){"cs. T)is talk : llobe non-nge"nalig: Nothing : llobe assu Fdobeyond bassl !impar algebC,. pst="2"> a="http://mega2pierre.lairezp-in">Pierre Lairezlea>la="http://mega2pierre.lairezp-in"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-180" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/pierre_lairez-150x150.jpg/ : t="pierre_lairez" : 1em="90" t: 1em="90" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/pierre_lairez-150x150.jpg 150w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/pierre_lairez.jpg 266w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxlbrlink(Ifr/f, France) strong>T"RSD:le> rong> Pe"iodsoin a(){"c strong>Abstr/ct: le> rong>T)[ > udy of iexegrals "f algebC,ic ion e(a)s has trp Fedous boadfits ie algebC,ic geomDxry, an earlyoexae"== is Eulpr1; Me7;s work on el!iptic iexegrals. Lesser kncun aCa t)[ aation/rss+s to ntmputai(a)alomathematsls. I : lloexpose somD of t)[m. Spe sfon/lly, t)[ talk : llofocus on “pe"iods”, t)at is t)[ resulx of iexegrating a mulxovari teorty(a)aleion e(a){on a cyceg. I : lloshtw htw to ntmpute!t)[m, in t)[ =Armoof differenscal equa){"cs, and I : llodet> pst="2"> a="http://meega2atlas.mat.ub.tdu/pe"sa)als/sombC,n"> emg nlasst/a -0.lefm clud\/co-181" >ttps://mega2017.inria.fr/xmlrp=iSDs/inrio01/mal-an_sombC,-150x150.jpg/ : t="mal-an_sombC," : 1em="90" t: 1em="103" httTF-8://mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/mal-an_sombC,-131x150.jpg 131w, //mega2017.inria.fr/feed/"iSDs/inrio01/mal-an_sombC,.jpg 218w" hizest/(max-: 1em !90pxpi100vw, 90pxla="http://meega2atlas.mat.ub.tdu/pe"sa)als/sombC,n">Mal-an SombC,lbrlinklea>(Univ#82itat de Barcela)a, Spaim) strong>T"RSD:le> rong> Macaut/y >
  • strong>Abstr/ct:le> rong> T)[ spsrse resulxaex is heclassslig object =rom eliminai(a){t)[ory, t)at has been : 1plyoscao ie polynomcal equa){"c7solving and t)at has > rong co/nec){"cs : th ntmbinaiorics, toric geomDxry, residue{t)[ory, and  hype"geomDxric ion e(a)s.In this talk, I : llorDview somD of t)[ matrix =Armulae =Ar t)is object.  T)[ =irst on's go boun to Ca lepwindond
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